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FmWhatsApp Apk Download

As we all know that technology has turned this world into a global village. WhatsApp has also played a vital role in this advancement. But the original WhatsApp application lacks some very interesting features. The good thing is that these features are available in an application called FmWhatsApp.

People want to have these features and all of these amazing features are available in the WhatsApp MOD APK known as Fmwhatsapp. You can download this amazing APK from our website.

What is new in Fmwhatsapp?

The purpose of developing this WhatsApp application MOD was only to provide the users with some better features. These features are some little changes made in the application that can provide users with a lot of better user experience.

Here we are going to discuss some features in this WhatsApp modified application. These features are new, and they are first introduced. This not only makes this application better for the users. But it also makes this application the best in the market available right now.

Features of Fmwhatsapp

The main reason for developing this application was the improvement in features. Those features that were missing in the original WhatsApp, were added in this application. These features are explained below:

Better customization options

In the original application, there were very few customization options available, but in this application, there are many options. These options are about changing the stock themes of the WhatsApp application.

You can select any theme from the library that consists of a huge number of themes and apply that. Other than themes, you can also change the icon of the application. Additionally, you can also change the icons or the colour of icons of all the buttons inside the application.

Improved security

In terms of security, the application has its security lock. You can lock your application by any kind of password or pin. This will depend on your preference. There is also an option to secure the chats with a specific person by adding a pin to it. In this way, you will be safe from accidentally deleting those chats.

Better privacy terms

In the privacy options, there are several perks in this application that can make your life a lot more private. First of all, there is an option where you can disable your delivery and read reports. This is a very interesting option because people using the original application instead of out MOD APK will never know about this feature.

Another amazing feature is that you can disable the functionality of making video calls, it will also restrict others from video calling you. Other than these amazing features, you also have the option to add a security lock to your application.

Better multimedia compatibility

Our MOD APK is also better than the original application in terms of multimedia compatibility. In the original application, you have to face some restrictions like the pictures are compressed while sharing. In this application, you also have the option to send pictures without compressing them.

There are also no limits for the size of the file that you are sharing in our application. The number of pictures and the recipients that you can select and send at once is also increased in our application. To get these features, you can visit our website to download this Fmwhatsapp application.

Dual accounts in one application

For some users, this is the feature that they have demanded over the years. From the release of this WhatsApp, there is a need felt that there must be an option to manage two accounts in one phone. There were no practical solutions to this problem. Some developers made apps that managed other accounts. But those were a complete failure.

People who like to manage their business and work accounts separately form their family accounts had to face major difficulties. Some of them had to carry two separate devices for managing these accounts separately. But now with our application, the problem is solved because it has the support to manage two different accounts using one application.

Better options regarding your chats

Fmwhatsapp has all the practical options that you can think of. There are tweaks related to your chats and their privacy. While the development of this application, it was a major concern to provide users with the most practical options to use.

For privacy, we have added new features of hiding your read receipts. You can this to stop people from seeing the delivery and send the status of your messages. Other than this you can also disable the delete message functionality. By using this feature, you can stop deleting the messages that they have sent you.

Another amazing option that is unavailable in the original application, but it is present in our application is that you can change the colours of your texts. This is a very practical option because many people don’t like having stock colours. Some dislike that there is no option for changing colours. It also proves to be very useful for colour-blind people.

Almost unlimited sharing options

In this application, the developer has concentrated to make it as practical as possible. Usually, the WhatsApp application does not allow you to share files with a larger size. You either have to transfer them using cloud storage or by using some other means.

In the Fmwhatsapp application, there are almost no limits for file-sharing purposes. You can send larger files without any hesitation. This makes this application very practical because you can do all your important stuff using only one application. This makes it very easy for the user to manage and keep track of the things he shares.

In terms of groups, you can create groups larger than the groups in the original WhatsApp. This not only makes it more practical, but it also makes it user friendly as you can deal with a lot of important things in one application.

Tweaks better than the original application

All of the features that we have discussed above are new for the users of WhatsApp users. Right now, these are not available in the original application. For making Fmwhatsapp more advanced in terms of features, the developer has tried to provide the best features. These features can easily justify using this application.

For installing this application, you can visit our site because its APK is not available on the google play store. You can also inform the developer team about any new or exciting feature that you feel is missing in this application. They will surely consider and implement that feature.

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Final words:

For many users, the original WhatsApp application is working great. They usually don’t face any difficulties. But if you are the person who wants better options in everything he uses. This is the right choice for you. This application has all the features that you can use. The customization options are exceptional because there are thousands of themes that you can select from the library.

In terms of sharing, there are almost no limits to the number of pictures you can share. If you want to have the experience of using the features of this amazing application, you can visit our website to download it from there.